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What is the Pupper Robot?

The Pupper Robot is based on the Stanford Pupper Robot. It is a quaduped robot that is fully programmable.


An Inexpensive & Open-source Quadruped Robot

Pupper is an inexpensive robot designed to help Hobbyists, Professionals and college students get involved in exciting robotics research.

Quick specs:

Cost:  Depending on if you already have tools or parts such as a Raspberry Pi, PS4 controller or 3D Printer: The cost varies between $840 - $1765.

Actuators: 12 JX-Servo CLS6336HV

Frame material: Routed carbon fiber and 3D printed PLA.

Building Pupper

Build time: 2 - 10 hours depending on expertise, difficulty is about on par to building a small quadcopter drone. All plastic parts are pre-soldered and the printed circuit board is pre-soldered, pre-assembled and guaranteed.

Build Instructions:Build instructions can be found at: 

BOM, code, CAD:  

Recommended Battery Charger: https://www.amazon.com/EV-PEAK-50Watts-Battery-Balance-Charger/dp/B01D1GX132/ref=sr_1_25?dchild=1&keywords=lipo+charger+ac+xt60+4s&qid=1590690151&sr=8-25

Recommended Battery Options:

Battery with XT60 connector:


Battery with T-Plug connector:


Guarantee: All kits are guaranteed against broken or missing parts. If you are stuck for any reason please contact us and we will be happy to help. If for any reason you reach a point where you would like a fully built robot, you can simply send us back your partially assembled kit and we will charge you the difference and ship you a fully working Pupper Robot. No damage to 3D parts will be charged.  If you have more than 1 damaged servo we will need to charge for  servo replacements.

This Product ships as a kit.

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